Did you lose your home in the Carr Fire?

We are trying to get a count and help those tribal members who lost their homes in the Carr Fire. If you or a tribal member you know lost their home, please call the tribal office at 605-1726 or call Veronica at 440-9243.


Tribal Council Meeting Moved

The Tribal Council meeting for August has been moved to the 19th at 4 p.m. in the Community Room at the Wintu Resource Center and Museum.

State of the Tribe 2018

Hestum! Two thousand eighteen has been a year of pushing forward for the Wintu Tribe of Northern California. Most of this year has been concentrated on completing our petition for federal recognition, but we have been accomplishing many other things throughout the year as well. One thing I would like to highlight first is the … Continue reading State of the Tribe 2018